Supporting and Honoring Auto Racing Journalism since 1965

National Motorsports Press Association

Recognizing Motorsports Media in the United States

For more than 55 years, the National Motorsports Press Association (NMPA) has honored writers, broadcasters and photo journalists from news outlets covering a broad range of motorsports. Originally a NASCAR-centric organization, the NMPA now welcomes members covering the IndyCar Series, IMSA, USAC, ARCA, drag racing, and Supercross, to name a few. The NMPA honors both its own members and motorsports competitors with awards such as the NMPA Most Popular Driver, the NMPA Pocono Spirit Award, the Myers Brothers Award, Joe Littlejohn Award, the Ken Patterson Helping Others Award and the Wood Brothers Award of Excellence.

Press membership in the NMPA is open to writers, broadcasters and photographers who regularly cover auto racing. The organization also welcomes Associate members who are active in the sport in other capacities, such as public relations, track management and sponsorship.

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Why Should You Join the NMPA?

Advancing Motorsports Journalism Since 1965

With more than 200 Press and Associate members, the NMPA strives to enhance working conditions and improve access to competitors across a broad range of motorsports. Toward this end, the organization maintains close working relationships with major auto racing sanctioning bodies.

Through annual contests, the NMPA recognizes and publicizes the excellent work of its members, honoring coverage in such categories as race stories, spot news, features and columns. Each year, the NMPA also recognizes one outstanding member in each of the categories of writing, broadcasting and photography.

The NMPA includes in its ranks members from the prominent national outlets that cover motorsports, including FOX Sports, NBC Sports, ESPN, the Motor Racing Network, the Performance Racing Network, SiriusXM Radio in addition to daily newspapers, wire services and prominent websites throughout the United States.

Leaders of the NMPA

Kelly has been on the NASCAR beat full-time since 2013, joining RACER Magazine in 2017. Her journalism has also been featured on and NBC Sports. She is a corporate communications graduate from Central Penn College.

Alan Cavanna

Alan Cavanna

Vice President

Alan was a champion racer in his youth, but soon turned his talents toward journalism. He’s covered auto racing full-time since 2013 on television, online and in print. Alan graduated from Syracuse University with a degree in Broadcast Journalism.

Jerry Jordan, Treasurer of the NMPA

Jerry Jordan


Owner of independent media outlet, Jerry Jordan has served the NMPA through a variety of positions. He has covered NASCAR for over 20 years, with his team recently expanding into Supercross and iRacing.

Bridget Holloman, Secretary of the NMPA

Bridget Holloman

Executive Secretary

Bridget Holloman has served Darlington Raceway as Executive Assistant for almost 40 years, and the NMPA as Executive Secretary since 1991. Her goal is to connect drivers, owners, media, fans, sponsors and community members into one racing family.

NMPA Board of Directors

John Harrelson, NASCAR Photographer

John Harrelson

Harrelson Photography

Danielle Trotta, NMPA Board Member

Danielle Trotta

Sirius XM NASCAR Radio

Reid Spencer, President of the NMPA

Reid Spencer

NASCAR Wire Service

Ben White

Ben White

Lexington Dispatch


Seth Eggert

Rick Houston, NMPA Board Member

Rick Houston

The Scene Vault Podcast

Jim Fluharty

Jim Fluharty

NASCAR Illustrated